I still am so disappointed that MIXX disbanded…

They didn’t even get to show more of their talents and show more of themselves also. They didn’t even have a chance to get on variety shows and they haven’t been to many interviews and radio shows either. 😢😢😢

 What about their mini album donations, too? What’s gonna happen to that?

I just hope that they are still keeping in touch with each other and that we’ll probably get some other activities even though MIXX is not together anymore.

I’m still keeping this blog and the Google + community…Just in case we get anything from the girls.

2017 is already disappointing me… hopefully it’s just a rough start.


3 thoughts on “DISBANDMENT?! 😭😭😭

  1. hello, I was wondering if you know Arie’s real name? Liyah is Huiliang, but I found on another website that Arie’s name is Jeon Minjae? Thank you ^^
    And yes I am sad and disappointed in their disbandment news T_T given time, MIXX might have become quite known


    1. Sorry for replying so late. I don’t think so since I’m pretty sure she was Chinese.It’s so hard to get accurate profiles
      for underrating groups like them.
      I agree. If only the got a bit more time. I heard that their still going on but only with Liyah, Hannah, and Arie in China.
      Since they’re continuing in China, they probably won’t be as popular since K-pop is more popular than C-pop. Poor job.


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