Arie’s Debut Song《I’m Not That Girl》 Releases, Unfolds Youthful Energy Before One’s Eyes |CHN→ENG HuanQiu

Recently, after the Chinese girl group MIXX returned home, 17 year old member ARIE’s debut solo album《I’m Not That Girl》was released. The song is mainly a Future Bass, HIP HOP POPDANCE styled song. Furthermore, it’s is a mix of diverse fashion elements.

In the whole debut song, Arie’s force-filled voice interpreted, every note all perfectly self expressed in the lyrics, portrays everyone’s 17 year old youthful time, rebellion, and confusion. also hopes to arouse everyone’s memories of youthful times. Furthermore, it expressed young girls’ chased and persistent dreams. Although young, we only have the correct values and outlook on life and carrying out our own personalities. At the same time spreading positive energy in the endless universe and bravely confronting challenges in precious spirit.

The song《I’m Not That Girl》with inspiration, youth, and positive energy for the theme, Arie interprets, together with the music, recollections of youth, with the notes, youthful and beautiful time, and with the beat, stimulates the blood’s positive energy. It seems as if in a conversation with the listener and audience, the song’s youthfulness and true self-pride ,with the music’s style, communicates to the ears of everyone listening to arouse or experience again the glitter of oneself.

It is known that the new song is about to be on various online music platforms and what kind of expectations will it bring!

Original Post  written on July 2, 2017


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